At SPARK, we're obsessed with consumers, not just with numbers

SPARK is a strategic marketing research consulting firm created with consumer passion in mind. We focus on both emotion and function when it comes to understanding customers and consumers. Our fundamental purpose is to help companies improve their quality of understanding, aiding them in better and faster decision making.

SPARK offers a variety of creative, innovative and proprietary research approaches aimed at ensuring that the customer and consumer is at the center of companies’ business decisions.

Additionally, SPARK has proven methods to aid companies in building deeper understanding of their customers and consumers, develop long term innovations and drive a disciplined application of insights into their business.

Consumer Obsession™

Beyond focus groups, do you know the story of how your product or service fits in with your consumers' daily lives or how it meets your customers' goals? If not, learn about our CONSUMER SPARKS™ process

New Product Innovation

Our customized INNOVATION SPARK™ new product/service process will help you discover, develop and launch your next innovation.

We Do So Much More

From strategic to tactical and all the market research activities in between, SPARK helps you get your work done.


SPARK has the youth market in its back pocket. Find out why...
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